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User Experience & User Interface Design


Physical / Digital Concept Prototyping

I leverage a broad knowledge of experiential technologies including Augmented and Virtual Reality, voice, gesture recognition, projection-mapping, and IoT to transform vaporous notions into elegant products and experiences.   


Digital agency powerhouse, SapientNitro, brought me onboard to create an experience-technology innovation lab. Starting locally, I developed the resources, team, and process necessary to focus key creative minds within the company to deliver a functional prototype of a new concept every three weeks.  

These patentable prototypes were designed to serve niche audiences such as the hearing-impaired, hospitalized children, car-builders, first-time home buyers, and others.  The process I directed for each project started with first-hand research and ideation, moved into concepting, UX+UI design, fabricating, and finally coding.  


The success of the first lab in Boston led me to expand the program into a global network, racking up awards and industry recognition along the way for the innovative approach.  Enjoy a sampling of case studies below...

Deeper Dives

Deeper Dives  

UX Case Study

Details of my design and design leadership contributions to Schneider Electric's flagship Energy Management application.

Mobile Product Pitch

A lite version of a presentation I crafted responding to leadership's interest in a "Universal SmartHome Automation" application for mobile.