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Energy One: Concept to Launch


Principal UX Designer

From end to end, pre-research to launch, I was the Principal UX Designer on a transformational digital energy management product for Schneider Electric, a global producer of energy management hardware and software solutions.

Customers had grown increasingly dissatisfied with the expense of a huge tool that in many cases offered more capabilities than most customers utilized resulting in a poor perception of value. My task was to evolve a legacy flagship product.

Partnering with the business development team, I strategized a modular architecture that allowed customers to build a customize solution from a catalog of capabilities tied to a SaaS model.

We also moved the offer to a secure cloud platform, and I led the advancement of the UI to a modern aesthetic with contemporary interactions, and innovative features. At the same time, my design process, research, and mockups fed the evolutions of the Schneider Electric Design System – winning an award along the way.

This is a tour of that journey.

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