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The Machine that Makes the Machines


Founder & Director of Design

Looking to fill a capability gap, Sapient-Razorfish hired me to create a physical/digital innovation studio. We named it SNAP. I designed the process, tailoring a version of the "3-3-3" innovation method used by many product companies. Mine was called "2-2-2" and comprised of 2 Hours of ideating, 2 Days of concepting, 2 Weeks of delivering. My role as the permanent design director was augmented by a revolving roster of two others – a "creative" (designer, copyrighter, researcher, etc) and a software engineer.

Using this scheme, SNAP churned out 32 patentable IoT device prototypes. What began in a janitor's closet turned innovation lab expanded organically into three other locations globally, and earned $6M in its third year.

The following images will give you an idea of who, where, when, how, and what this amazing little thing was – what I call, "The Machine that Makes the Machines."

The Physical/Digital tab in the header will take you to a page of videos made for many of these sprints.

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