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FINRA โ€“ Financial Industry Regulatory Agency


Principal UX Designer for R&D

At FINRA I filled two roles. In the first, I worked with the R&D group and the Chief Platform Architect to develop the next generation of data analysis tools and UI design. In that influential position I ushered in the era of Composable User Interfaces. I created an ontology and fundamental information architecture that allows users to create their own analytical tools and data visualization dashboards.

The other role was as the principal designer leading a team of six other UX designers tasked with unifying five independent internal enterprise product platforms to achieve a cohesive and consistent user experience and design aesthetic across them all. This part of my job required a significant amount of research which first required standing-up a formal UX research capability. Then, a ton of hands-on design work. Everything you see in this project came from my mouse. ๐Ÿ

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